Laminate Trimmer for Guitar Rosettes

Laminate trimmer router

Guitar rosettes are typically installed with a router. The Rigid 2401 laminate trimmer (available at Home Depot) turns out to the perfect router for use with the 2-Pi rosette cutting router attachment for inlaying rosettes, for installing guitar rosettes, making the rosette patch and cutting out the sound hole. It has features that make it ideal for guitar building – and it is only about $94.

Anyone looking for a router to use with the 2-Pi rosette cutting attachment to install your guitar rosettes look no more. The Rigid 2401 laminate trimmer is perfect for this application. In the past I used the Ryobi TR30 for this purpose but that router was discontinued.

The Rigid 2401 is an open based router which will enable you to use the very short small diameter end mill bits (available down to 1/16 inch available on the site) to cut the channels for the rosette veneer one ring at a time,  to create the sound hole patch and cut out the sound hole.

Router for Guitar Rosettes and More

This router also has variable speed control which will reduce tear out and keep your bits sharper longer.  It also has a very nice metal height adjustment mechanism. Other routers I have owned have plastic adjustment parts which break and wear out fairly quickly. Metal parts extend the useful life of this mechanism and is a breeze to adjust. To top it off the router comes with a a trim bit and a second base which can be used as a template to cut the screw holes in the rosette cutting attachment. And if that isn’t enough it has a little light that shines on the cutting surface – all for about $94.

I have purchased a few of these routers because I like them so much. The variable speed factor is huge. I can’t stress how great this is for extending the life of your bits. If you have routers preset for various functions to save time like I do try one of these. Or if you just plan on getting just one laminate trimmer, this router will be suitable for most guitar building tasks.

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I too use the featured router but I find it still a bit heavy for the finest work. Dremel tools are much lighter.
As a proud Canadian I promote the linked product from Lee Valley Tools (Ottawa).
It is solid, well made, very precise/micro adjustable and the greatest for routing Soundholes/rosettes, bindings etc.,43000,51208

Let me know what you think.

Hi first post,great info in here. Will your circle cutter work with the dewalt or freud trimmers.i use the freud with the stewmac binding setup,and my dewalt for most everything else. I was going to get the bosch mainly because of the vari speed,but im sure its over 95 bucks. Great tip on the ridged 2401.

I’m not familiar with the particulars of the Dewalt or Freud laminate trimmers but if the base is less than 3 inches square or diameter it should work.

More important is whether or not its an open base router. If its closed base you need to use the shims that come with the attachment. A closed base router will limit the bits you can use. the end mills will be too short so the smallest bit you can use is a 1/8″ diameter bit. This as you know may cause tear out on the outer and inner edges of the rosette. The 1/16″ end mill is the way to go for this. There is video showing what I mean by closed base route here.

This is the same one I use, and yes they are a nice machine for sure. Great units for sure.
I will be getting another. What speed setting do you recommend for cutting the rosettes?

I always use mine at the slowest setting.

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