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Instructional Video Online

An instructional video subscription service is coming to the web site soon. Subscribers will be able to watch all instructional video for a monthly fee and can cancel at any time. Premium subscribers will also be able to  download the all drawings. This makes things very affordable for customers and allows me some level of protection over my video content.

It has taken longer to get this going than I anticipated since I had to re-master both the guitar making and the plane making video for the web. The video will look better than ever on the web.

Instructional video will include the entire classical guitar making and plane making video as well as new monthly content. New video content will include guitar making techniques, projects for skill development, construction of shop fixtures and tools, interviews with well known builders and more. Everything will help make your guitar building efforts more successful and more enjoyable.

Improvements have been made with the lighting and the cameras used in the shop to create the video which will make everything better visually as well as make it faster and easier for me to get new video up on the site once it is shot. I’m excited about the new project and I have wanted to get this going for quite some time. The first few new videos are already in the works.

Looking Forward to an Exciting New Year in 2016

John at the computerWith all my health issues from 2015 behind me I am excited to see what 2016 brings. It has already gotten off to a great start in that I have been given a clean bill of health and feel better than I have in years. I’m also proud to say I am 40 pounds lighter to boot! So I hope everyone will benefit from what I have planned for the new year. It was all designed to make your guitar building experience more successful.

Learn Some Useful Skills and Make your Guitar Building More Enjoyable

Although learning to quickly slap a guitar together can provide some instant gratification and give you a feeling of accomplishment, nothing can compare to learning some real skills that you will take with you moving forward so you can repeat your success on future projects. Fewer and fewer people possess real skill any more. If you want to be successful – and enjoy the process instead of being filled with anxiety the entire time take the time to develop some skills. It is my goal to pass on the skills that I have learned over my 40 plus years working as a craftsman. I was fortunate to have learned these skills from some highly respected craftsman over the years and have managed to take a few things with me along the way. I m looking forward to hearing from you as we go.

Use the Forums

Please use the forums I have installed on the web site for your questions and discussions. you cannot believe the amount of emails I get. The forums a good for you and for me. You may find what you need in there and I may only have to answer a question once. Its a win-win situation so please sign up and use the forum. Its Free!

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