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    peter francis

    nice to see you have a sense humour!

    like you, i have watched dozens and dozens of ‘how to’ videos online made by ‘experts’ and a few by not so expert. after watching john’s videos i became quickly aware of his high standards and his persuit of perfection which was impressive. many videos in my opinion showed a ‘mechanical’ or ‘technical’ approach to making guitars which is fine, i guess, for learning skills, but i just felt that john, as well as the skills needed, also teaches the ‘art’ of guitar making which to me is really important, his passion is obvious so i decided he was the man!
    just got my plans and acetates couple of days ago from john, they are superb and have answered many questions i had in my head as a result of reading the book, these plans are a must if you want to know how all the bits come together.
    as you say, the cost of shipping is a problem, the actual cost of all the molds and stuff is great value, getting them here to the uk though makes it really expensive, i had to pay import duty and a post office charge, about $19, when the plans arrived!
    i’ll try to make as many of the jigs as i can but if i can’t get them accurate enough i’ll have to buy from john. i’ll definitely be buying the acrylic templates though as i think these are another must have, as well as few other bits i know i can’t make myself. ( why doesn’t my girlfriend understand why i NEED all this stuff?!!! )

    talking of technique and art, i came up with my own quote a few years ago after watching roger federer playing tennis, technically brilliant but at the same time incredible artistic, but i think it’s equally applicable to guitar making, and many other things that require special skills:

    ‘technique is science,
    the application of technique is art’

    ok, so i’m a deep thinker!

    in reply to: First guitar paralysis #69327
    peter francis

    hi ric
    it’s great to read your post, i’m going through all the emotions and torment you are going through myself, it’s nice to know i’m not the only one!
    it seems that the road to building a guitar to be proud of is a very long one. a huge amount to learn and skills to develop, and the expense of it all, the tools, the jigs, the molds, the plans, and that’s all before you’ve even bought a scrap of wood!
    i thought long and hard about the whole process of making a quality guitar and, for me, it boiled down to three things, money, time and commitment. i knew i had the commitment because i bought the book, so all i have to do is make the money and find the time, simple!
    like you i have a million questions in my head, the book is great so i’m reading it and re-reading it so i can fully understand exactly what it is i have to do, if i’m told to do something i have to know why i’m doing it, it’s my nature, i learn from understanding, i’m stubborn that way and being a perfectionist doesn’t help either!
    it’s going to take me while to start my build but i will do it and i will do it to the best of my ability, there will be tears, sweat and a few pints of blood i’m sure but i enjoy a challenge and i’ll get there, eventually!
    keep posting, ric and let me know how you’re getting on!

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