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    Hey John,

    I’m going to use your book to build my first classical guitar.
    If I sign up to premium membership can I download the ‘book guitar plans’ and ‘router jig’ template for free?
    Or do I need to buy them separately as they don’t feature in the video?

    All the best

    Site Owner


    thanks for using my book to build your first guitar. The premium membership gets you al the drawings used in all the videos in the subscriber section of the site. These drawings include the guitar made in the dvd which is a bit more difficult than the one in the book, all the jigs I created and use in the guitar making video as well as the plane drawings and whatever else is coming down the road. The book drawings are not included in the subscription but you can purchase a download PDF for the drawings and acetates and get then printed locally which will save on shipping. I do not offer plans for the rosette cutting router attachment or the binding/purfling cutter router attachment as these are patented devices I own the rights to.

    Thanks again,


    Hey John, thanks for the reply.

    I will sign up now then and buy the book drawings download…..anything I buy from america I have to pay an extra 20%on to the Uk government :S

    Cheers again


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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