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    Hi John, Or anyone else who can help 🙂 I spent the last 2 years developing a steel string building method, learning from a kit and then some scratch builds pulling ideas from here and there. I am hoping I can use your book (it’s so great thanks!) and your digital plans, and build a classical guitar, but using mostly my current method, which includes traditional un-laminated sides and kerfing, a bolt on neck with the neck (fretboard and frets on) angle set to the dome of the top plus bridge thickness., Anyways, I’ve read through the book and I think I can more or less copy your process, the only read difference being I will have to set the proper neck angle/rise manually derived from the blueprint (as I won’t use a solera just an external mold). I just feel after two years or learning I’m not ready to try and adopt a whole new method! In any case, I am wondering if are any fatal flaws in this approach, or any major difficulties that might arise during a build that I haven’t foreseen? I’ve learned so much from the book, and the blueprint and platilla looks great, I’m hoping I can go this route. Thanks for any advice! Pete


    Hi Pete,
    You might find that very subtle changes can lead to some big discrepancies and problems later on as small things add up very quickly.
    Deviating from the plans in the book will require some foresight and new calculations on your part.
    I learnt that even when I followed the methods and plans from the book and DVD I still ended up with inconsistencies and mismatches (due to my own little errors here and there)
    The book and DVD from John are the best tools out there but learning and working in isolation has its risks.
    Years ago I used his book and DVD to build the solera, plantillas and jigs to the best of my abilities and yet all the guitars I built from them gave me a bridge height that is too high and even when I removed the saddle I can’t lower the action enough, making those guitars borderline useless.
    If this is your first guitar and you are planning on building more I would stick to a proven and well-known method and plan on this first build, then, when you get confident enough, you can try variations and get creative.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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