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    Hey John,
    I have an issue on one of my sides…
    When gluing the lining on, for the edge that will contact the back of the guitar, it seems that things must have shifted slightly on one of my sides.
    In the lower bout where they’re glued 1mm below the edge of the side at the apex, and 3mm below the edge near the butt, and now it appears that the lining has glued andset-up in the
    wrong location. It is not 3mm it’s more like 5+mm. and it’s also greater at the lower bout apex as well. I don’t feel this is an “acceptable” mistake as I feel proceeding as it currently is would affect
    the geometry/shape/size of the box, and may also make it difficult fitting the back on down the road, as the other side piece for this guitar is perfect.
    I was hoping there was a way I could “loosen” the glue joint just from say the waist back, shift the lining into proper position and re-glue it place.
    Have you experienced this before, or can you recommend a remedy for this that doesn’t require me to destroy the lining and lamination’s that are already in place on this side?
    I really hope you can help me here, this is the first time this has occurred.
    BTW it was adhered with Titebond regular wood glue.
    Thanks John!

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