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    When you are about to glue the sides to the neck, the book says to do this on a flat surface with a spacer to compensate for the top but in the picture it shows it being set to glue in the solera which has the butt end radiused and is not flat. What would be correct?

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    When you glue the sides to the neck you need to offset the sides by the thickness of the top, hence the spacer for every except where the neck is. The butt block needs to be flush with the top of the linings. So you don’t need to offset it and it doesn’t matter if you use the solera or not since you have 4mm to remove to tilt the lower bout after it is on. What I do now is offset the butt block by 3mm by placing a shim under it so I don’t have to plane so much wood when tiling the lower bout.


    Hi John, I hope your are keeping well.

    My build (based on your awesome book) is progressing nicely (slowly mind you…but why rush these things…). I’ve polished and assembled my sides. I now need to assemble my sides & neck together.

    When I dry fit the sides and neck there is a bit of tension in the joint, which causes the neck to skew to the side a bit. It requires a little pressure to clamp the neck straight relative to my sides (and the centre line on my mold).

    Can you please advise if some tension is normal in this joint, or should I adjust the joint further to avoid any tension at all?

    I guess I’m unsure if the neck will be held straight by the glue once it dries, and additionally, by the assembly/glue of the top and back (in the future). If so, perhaps a bit of tension now is not a concern.

    Any advice most appreciated.


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