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    Hi John,
    Hopefully you or someone in this forum could clarify a problem that I have at this point.
    On the DVD you glued the linings on for the top 3 mm lower at the bottom edge where the foot block will go during assembling of the sides, then you plane the edge because you talk about the top needing to be flat and also sanding it on a flat surface. Here is my confusion and before I proceed I’d better clarify this issue. between the gluing of the lining and this flattening those 3 mm seem to be gone before you start flattening and you mentioned that the linings are proud 1 mm and proceed to planned it down. Where those 3 mm went?
    The 1 mm proud on the lining and sides is for the back not the top, or I have it the other way around. I am sure I missed something. At the moment the linings for the top are 3 mm lower at the top and bottom and 1 mm lower at the top on the apex of the lower bout. I don’t want to trim it done until I hear from you. A prompt response will be much appreciated.

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    As I tell everyone watch the whole video or read the whole book before starting so you know why you are doing things in the beginning. You flatten the top edge of the sides for reference. It its not flat to start with how do you know what you are dealing with as you go. It should not take much to get it flat if it was laminated properly. If you look ahead, it clearly states that the lower bout is tilted down 4mm so putting the linings at 3mm and trimming the sides down to that level leaves everything 1mm proud of where it should be. The linings should be installed 1mm proud up to the waist then follow the marks put at the bridge and butt. If done that way they are 1mm proud all the way around.


    Thanks for responding.
    I watched and read your book several times and it is always a pleasure to learn from you.
    I was worrying because I didn’t see when you trimmed those 3 mm. Looking at the DVD and due to fear and precaution I needed you to confirmed what I was suspecting.
    In the last video of the sides chapter you said “you have a little bit of lining sticking up here and a little bit of lining here” but from the previous video the lining was left lowered by 3 mm and 1 on the apex of the lower bout. hence my confusion.

    Thanks for clarifying.


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