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    I purchased the set of plans from the Bogdanovich store and can’t make out exactly what do in building the jig. Does anyone have a picture of the actual jig or have a video using it? I’m hoping pics will be sufficient since asking questions like this is tough to explain. Here they are just in case they make any sense.

    Does the handle get clued in?
    The plan shows the handle is 4″ tall, but another pic shows it to scale, but much larger in Sheet1. Does it really matter?
    It shows the handle is dadoed .0185″ deep in the bottom part, but how long is that?
    I don’t understand all the diagrams well enough to digest exactly how this all goes together and operates.
    On Sheet2 is say 3/8″ square MHMW. What is MHMW? From what I can see this is a guide rail to allow the top and bottom to glide back and forth? Is that just a piece of wood cut in 3/8″ by what length?

    I’d like to share the plans to show the areas I’m confused, but that doesn’t feel right since they were paid for.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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