Guitar Building Advice – Don’t Cut to Size Until Necessary

Here’s some guitar building advice. Whether you are making a guitar or a cabinet to hang on your wall, always avoid cutting anything to final size until absolutely necessary. Think this is obvious and trivial? Its not. you would be surprised how many people back themselves into a corner by not doing this. Never, ever cut something to final size, or length, or height, until it is safe to do so. Its a basic CYA philosophy shared by most woodworkers and craftspeople. Think ahead. If you cut all your parts to size, then start assembling them chances are some parts are not going to fit perfectly. As you put things together, the last parts to go on will likely be either too short or too small and trimming or shaping will be in order.
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Milling Your Own Wood for Guitar Building

Milling wood for guitar building can save you a lot of money. Wood for guitar back and sides can be milled from large planks if you have the equipment.  And if you can find suitable wood. It is also an activity best suited for the strong and fit.

You can either buy large planks from a wood dealer or you can cut the tree yourself. Either way it works best if the planks are at least 2″ thick. This way you can get the graphics you are looking for by cutting it a certain way. Your choices are limited with a thin piece.
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Laminate Trimmer for Guitar Rosettes

Guitar rosettes are typically installed with a router. The Rigid 2401 laminate trimmer (available at Home Depot) turns out to the perfect router for use with the 2-Pi rosette cutting router attachment for inlaying rosettes, for installing guitar rosettes, making the rosette patch and cutting out the sound hole. It has features that make it ideal for guitar building – and it is only about $94.
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