Posted by | September 14, 2015
Guitar Building Advice – Don’t Cut to Size Until Necessary

Here's some guitar building advice. Whether you are making a guitar or a cabinet to hang on your wall, always avoid cutting anything to final size until absolutely necessary. Think...

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guitar back braces
Posted by | September 7, 2015
Milling Your Own Wood for Guitar Building

Milling wood for guitar building can save you a lot of money. Wood for guitar back and sides can be milled from large planks if you have the equipment.  And if...

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Laminate trimmer router
Posted by | September 1, 2015
Laminate Trimmer for Guitar Rosettes

Guitar rosettes are typically installed with a router. The Rigid 2401 laminate trimmer (available at Home Depot) turns out to the perfect router for use with the 2-Pi rosette cutting...

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