Recent one-on-one Guitar Building Class
Posted by | February 12, 2017
Recent Guitar Building Class

In a recent guitar building class the student, William Kiel, from San Anotnio, TX , walked away with a really nice instrument. Sorry this took so long to post. Things...

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White Oak Milled Log
Posted by | January 12, 2017
Milling Logs For Usable Wood

Recently I had a white oak tree taken down in my yard.  It was my favorite tree and I hated to see it go, but it was dying at the...

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Little Log Hauling Machine
Posted by | September 22, 2016
Lumber from Trees in the Yard

Sometimes you can find the best lumber right in your own backyard. Getting the wood milled can be difficult but if you are willing to do the work you can...

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After Shop Redux - ready to shoot video
Posted by | August 9, 2016
More Guitar Making Video Coming – Shop Redux Complete

More guitar making video is on the way. Finally, the shop overhaul is complete. Lots of changes were made to make shooting video easier, create some room, and separate the different aspects...

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Improve Shop Efficiency - First day of Overhaul
Posted by | June 13, 2016
Improving Shop Efficiency – A Total Overhaul

Improving shop efficiency can turn frustration into enjoyable production with better results. I am in the midst of a total shop overhaul to improve the shop, organize it better, and...

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