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Learn Guitar Making Techniques

The simple truth is the better woodworker you are  – the less stressful your guitar building project will be. Having more than one way to do things is key. To get better results – learn guitar making techniques. I still looking for better ways to perform the tasks  in guitar making process for better results and ultimately better instruments.

Your choice of technique depends  on  few things – your skill level, how many different ways you know to perform the task , and how comfortable you are executing a particular technique. Lean more guitar making techniques and you will have more choices.

If your only woodworking experience is with guitar building, chances are you will need to learn some new techniques.  The good news is you can learn new techniques but you will need to practice to get good at them.

In this section I will introduce some of the methods I use to build guitars. Some of my methods are not traditional guitar building techniques but that doesn’t mean they are difficult. They will produce consistently excellent results if executed properly and can improve the sound and playability of your instruments.

In This Section

John carving a neck

Laminating techniques were familiar to me from my days of cabinet and furniture making. Although I was certainly not the first luthier to use these techniques on guitars, I may be the first to clearly explain the benefits of laminating.. Learn why laminating is well worth the effort and how to do it…

One very basic woodworking technique you will need to learn in order to make a guitar is edge joining. In the guitar making world this is known asa plate joining. This technique is used to join tops and backs. The joint must be executed perfectly or there will be problems down the road. Learn a simple and inexpensive method of plate joining…

The solera is the workboard that a classical guitar is made on. The solera sets the neck angle for  guitars built using the traditional Spanish heel method. The accuracy of this workboard will optimize your set up and improve the  playability of your guitar. See how to make a solera like the ones used in the book and DVD…

I get more questions on how to make a back workboard. Most backs are domed to a 15′ radius. Therefore the workboard must be dished to this same radius. People go to great lengths making fancy jigs for this purpose. Why not learn to make one of these with hand tools. It will not take very long and will teach you valuable hand skills you can use in other aspects of the project. Learn how to quickly carve a back workboard…

No one likes fret buzz. Its annoying and sounds terrible. Finding the cause of the fret buzz will determine how and if you can fix it yourself. To fin the cause you need to know something about how the strings and the neck work. Learn about your guitar to determine the cause of fret buzz…