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Learn Guitar Building – 10 DVD Box Set

Guitar Building 10- DVD Box Set Cover PhotoLearn guitar building from a master artisan. The award winning 10-DVD box set  Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich” is the first video series ever published on classical guitar making. Often imitated but never replicated,  the video series demonstrates and explains and demonstrates the entire process of building a concert classical guitar. From picking out the wood, to stringing the guitar up and playing it. Watch and learn as the instrument takes shape on screen. Although not for a beginner (the book is for that) I think everyone that watches will walk away with so much about so many things.

A Complete Guitar Building Class in 10 DVDs

With this video series  you will  learn guitar building skills, expand your  knowledge of guitar building in general, and raise your level of craftsmanship. Reap the benefits of a highly respected luthier with over 20 years of professional experience as a guitar maker and over 40 years of experience as a woodworker  and guitarist.   There are over 14 hours of highly detailed instruction displayed in amazing clarity on making a top notch concert classical guitar. If you are serious about learning how to make a high quality guitar, this is for you! Be sure to download the free dvd booklet(pdf) which outlines all the content and includes instructions for accessing the drawings on disc 10.

Basic Topics Covered in Members Area

For basic topics not covered in the video like sharpening and using your tools properly, there are free videos available in the members area of the site to fill in the gaps. More videos are added all the time. Members receive email updates alerting them of new content. Purchase the guitar making video series now!

He describes what he’s focusing on, how he’s dealing with the little variations he discovers as he’s working the wood, and how he’s solving unavoidable problems that arise. Its invaluable to hear and watch someone with John’s skill do the work.

Tom Harper, American Lutierie Magazine, DVD Review


  • Over 14 hours of expert instruction
  • Professionally shot with 2 cameras to capture all the action
  • Video Graphics for measurements and details
  • Proven & unique guitar building techniques
  • Design of highly sought after classical guitar
  • Instruction and techniques applicable to any guitar design
  • Video format – NTSC wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) for all regions

Cutting Guitar Neck at the bandsaw

Drawings Included on Disc 10 as PDFs:

  • Full sized drawings and acetates for the guitar
  • Top acetate for soundboard layout
  • Back acetate for back brace layout
  • Full sized drawing of the solera with rims
  • Side slot cutting sled drawing
  • Revised purfling cutter router attachment drawing
  • Inside heel cutting sled drawing
  • Shooting board & bench hook drawing
  • Wheat cutting fixtures for assembly
  • 30 degree wheat cutting jig
  • bridge locator jig

Interview and Performance by Stanley Yates

International performer and recording artist Stanley Yates is interviewed in the shop and he assesses the guitar from a players perspective. Stanley highlights the different aspects of a concert instrument performers look for. Stanley demonstrates things like response, sustain, separation and harmonics on the guitar built in the video.

Video Taped Recording Session

Sit in on a recording session at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. Stanley was recorded some music for an online project and we were able to videotape a few pieces from that session. Music played during the recording session were preformed on the guitar built in this DVD series.

The award winning 10-DVD guitar building video series has received rave reviews. A list of articles and reviews about the guitar making DVD series can be found here. Below are some quotes from the reviews:

“There are free videos on the web why not use them? I’ve watched web videos and although some are quite good others aren’t. Owning a digital camcorder does not necessarily imply godlike lutherie skills. Also, the (free stuff) on the web doesn’t create a structure of methods that work well together as here”

“I like the way he narrates as he is working, making pertinent comments about the task at hand and providing great advice about woodworking approaches. Seeing an accomplished woodworker preform a task while hearing about what is being considered is difficult to capture in a book

“I found Bogdanovich’s building method to be an enjoyable opportunity to learn some new things. It also provides exposure to a diverse set of woodworking skills while watching someone proficiently executing those skills. A lot of general woodworking can be learned buy following this project

“Carving is not your strength? Look, listen and learn. You will be rewarded with improved skills

“He describes what he’s focusing on, how he’s dealing with the little variations he discovers as he’s working the wood, and how he’s solving unavoidable problems that arise. Its invaluable to hear and watch someone with John’s skill do the work”

– above from American Lutherie, issue 113 spring 2013, “Bog’s Way – An In-Depth Hands-On Review of John Bogdanovich’s Making a Concert Classical Guitar DVD set” by Tom Harper

“… John Bogdanovich narrates as he’s working, and has a clear and pleasant presentation…But seeing him work while explaining whats happening at the same time is a winning combination for this series..”

“… the camera work is stellar in this set. Every part of the process is clear and well photographed. The lighting, camera angles, color entity and sound all lead to a quality product that the viewer can feel is worth every penny that they’ve invested.”

“John Bogdanovich has a friendly, and yet, professional demeanor through all of this. Its one thing to say that something needs to be done a certain way – in this presentation it is done right in front of the viewer.”

Alton “Bear” Acker, GuitarMaker Magazine, DVD Review

“…the DVDs are really well done. There are lots of close-ups, lots of shop layout footage, and lots of camera angles to capture your attention and keep you from falling asleep…the video quality is excellent as well…”

John Calkin, American Lutherie Magazine, DVD Review

Guitar Making DVD – Comments from Customers

The goal from the very beginning was to make this video series a production of the highest quality with honest and clear professional instruction. Everyone involved made great efforts toward this end. Therefore these comments are deeply meaningful and encouraging to myself and the crew. I can speak for everyone when I say thank you so much. I cannot begin to express not only how thankful I am that these people have taken the time to write, but how much I appreciate the encouraging words.

 “I have viewed the DVDs from start to finish and have enjoyed the material thoroughly.   Even on first viewing I’ve benefitted from your thoughtful, experience-based suggestions and techniques.  I will be bringing many of these to my next project.  Thanks for sharing.” – Michael Kowalchuk, Winnipeg, Canada

“I wanted to email you, to tell you how much I enjoyed watching your ‘Making A Concert Classical Guitar’ dvd series.
The lessons are thorough and beautifully presented.
Your confidence and definite, sure-handed touch was a pleasure to watch, and the attention and care you gave every detail an inspiration.
Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to watch you work.
I hope you will continue to share your knowledge, skill and craftsmanship with us, and I look forward to watching and reading more from you in the future.” Simon Robinson, Worcester, United Kingdom

“…everything worked well, i’ve been able to download all files and i spent the whole weekend watching your tutorials. :-)
absolutely awesome and inspiring! thank you very much. i appreciate your work and knowledge. Great stuff, great inspiration, great work of reference! -Uli Sixt, Winnenden, Germany

“Although my father was a carpenter, I didn’t have a strong basic knowledge of woodworking. So I had to build this knowledge using DVD courses which started with a nice course by Paul Seller, then I bought your Book and DVD course. I must admit that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, for not only has it provided me with a relaxing hobby where I can dwell peacefully in my man cave building my own instruments, but also gave me the gift of being able to play a quality instrument that looks and sounds wonderful.” -Elie Abdallah, Greensburg, PA

“I have to use the opportunity to tell you, that your book and your videos are really, really well done. I myself teach a lot of students in woodworking here at the technical university of Switzerland and the way you approach certain topics in the manufacturing process of the guitar is inspiring for my teaching and the way i will approach some of the problems my students have.
Best regards and many thanks again for your efforts in producing this high quality teaching material.” -Alessandro Tellini, Zürich, Switzerland

“…your DVDs have improved my building by leaps and bounds. Your videos and master kit is one of the best investments I have ever made.” -Anthony Armijo, Albuquerque, NM

“…I have watched all your DVD’s and loved it. They are amazing and I am sure they are going to be very helpful.” -Orhan Ummetler, Istanbul, Turkey

“…congratulations on producing a excellent DVD series. From the start I warmed to your relaxed voice and method of putting over the information in a way that made me think you were talking to me direct/personally. ie the language was not forced or ‘rehearsed”.(you may have rehearsed it but it came over brilliantly!!” -Mick Johnson, Reading, Berkshire UK

“…I absolutely love the DVD series. Thank you so much for the time and effort. I’m on my 3rd watching.” -Steve Ellis, Manteca, CA

“Just wanted to say thanks again for putting together the both the book and DVD. I’m sure it was a pain in the ass to put those together and they are both absolutely excellent.” – Perry Bemelen, Steamboat Springs, CO

“I would like to thank you for making such a detailed and painstaking set of videos for classical guitar building. They have broaden my building skills immensely and woodworking in general. I may never sell one of my guitars, but I enjoyed reading your notes in the manual about how to sell your work. I’m sure I would have tried all of those methods and felt like a failure”. -Jim Barker, Tucson, AZ

“Your DVD set is very interesting and informative, thank you for making it. My husband has made 3 guitars so far as a hobby and as he is disabled finds the use of power tools invaluable.” -Anne McCarten, Hampshire, England UK

“Your DVDs are great. I’ve watch them all three times now and each time something new becomes clear.” -Carlo Rodrigo, Oak Park, IL

“Create an expansive paradigm, instead of making a good guitar , make a great classical guitar by following the 10 disc DVD series by master luthier John Bogdanovich. In each disc john takes you through the tougher parts of guitar making patiently explaining the finer points of classical guitar making through the use of jigs, fixtures, tools, and wood. This will elevate your building to the next level. It is all the little details in guitar making that separate the “good” guitar from the truly outstanding ones that you and your clients would love to play. Hats off to Mr. Bogdanovich for an excellent 10 disc DVD series sure to please the most discriminate luthier or connoisseur of classical guitars”  Thanks, sincerely -Ernie Kleinman, Lees Summit, MO

“…every frame beautifully balanced. Relaxed delivery style. Perfect phrasing. Engaging and relaxed educational/teaching style.here is absolutely NO DVD on the market that can match yours”. -George Thomas, Charlotte, NC

“…All I can say is WOW! You’re a natural in front of the camera and the production and camera work are the best I’ve seen in any guitar or woodworking dvd. The finished guitar sounds great and your explanations on what to strive for sonically in the instrument were very helpful. Good job!” -Steven Hulten, Gilroy, CA

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your new DVD set is. You can really see that you put your heart and soul into this fine DVD series. In addition, your craftsmanship, artistry and excellent instruction are easily evident. I now understand why it took a while. All I can say is that the wait, was well worth it for me. If they gave Oscars for videos like this, you’d win…hands down! It’s exactly what I needed.”
I have already built six classical guitars by myself and want to bring it up a notch, but I know that by applying your instruction from this DVD set, I’ll be able to make a major step change increase in the quality and sound of my guitars. Really, it’s as if you’ve been reading my mind on the questions I’ve been asking myself while working through my builds over the last year and now I have an answer for most of them. I feel I can approach things with more of an end goal in mind instead of just completing another guitar.
I watched disc 10 first because I wanted to see and hear the finished product, fantastic. The detailed information you gave on making the nut, saddle and how to perform a proper set up was filled with helpful hints. For example, using a piece of wood and taping the nut to it with double stick tape. That is really useful and very simple.
I think you did an excellent job of editing and as you mentioned, not including every stroke of the plane, chisel, etc. What you did include though was definitely all the necessary aspects and it really does keep the lessons moving. The plans are very neat and very well done. Truly, you did a wonderful job!
“Again, thank you so much for sharing your art and skill through this DVD set and being so thorough and clear so that an aspiring luthier like myself can reach my goal of one day making that elusive perfect guitar.” -Rolando Padron, Victoria, TX

“…I have finished looking at the DVD; I have enjoyed listening to your instruction and applaud you for an excellent presentation of a complex subject matter.” -Luis Bianchini, Eugene, OR

“…the DVD’s are excellent. I feel like I am in your shop taking the course again! Great editing and post-production work. Beautiful video!” -Dennis D. Bond, Belden, MS

“….Let me congratulate with this huge amount of work you did so far. I don’t think there is something like it around. You have taken guitar tuition few steps ahead. I think you greatly deserve the success that will follow to this DVD course.”
… thanks so much for talking so slowly. Many aspiring guitar makers are not english native speaker and I was very glad I could understand almost everything of what you said.
“I wish you good luck and much success in your life.” -Enrico Sciaffella, Rome, Italy

“…Very impressed with your DVD, outstanding presentation, great camera angles, lots of helpful helpful tips and advice. I have many books on guitar building but this is the only DVD I’ll ever need on my guitar building journey.” -Alan Roberts, Abergele, Conway,UK

Guitar Making DVD Recognized at 17th Annual Communicator Awards

“Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich” was recognized with two awards at the 17th Communicator Awards of 2011. The 10-DVD guitar making instructional video was recognized  by the IAVA and received a silver award of distinction in two categories – instructional video and craft. The Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence for communications professionals.

2011 Communicator Award for Video Distinction