classical guitar templates & molds

Guitar Making Templates & Molds

Guitar Making Templates and Molds

At the very minimum a set of accurately made guitar templates and molds are necessary to get you started on the right foot making a guitar. Every step in the guitar making process relies on the accuracy of theses templates and molds.

The construction techniques described in both the guitar making book and DVD box set include laminating the sides and linings. Every Bogdanovich guitar is constructed this way. Laminating these parts makes a lot of sense and the many reasons for it are listed in both the book and DVD. Originally, all the templates and molds used in the shop were made by hand. They were very carefully constructed, took a long time to build, and all ended up with some form of inaccuracy that had to be dealt with in some way throughout the guitar making process. These templates and molds were all made on a CNC machine from the drawings and are very accurate. In fact the drawings are usually off a bit from set to set due to inaccuracies with different printers and so on but these templates and molds are dead on. So when in doubt always defer to the templates.

Trimming Headpiece with Guitar Template

Classical Guitar Fret Slotting Template

The fret positioning template allow you to slot your fingerboard with two fret slotting options, the standard rule of 18 fret positioning, and a compensated fret positioning as described in the classical guitar making book and 10-DVD box set. The compensated positioning yields a slightly better approximation for improved intonation up and down the fingerboard.

This template does not have a zero fret. Allow some distance for the first fret and after slotting just measure slightly more than 325mm from the 12th fret , then trim to the exact length for proper installation. Comes with complete instructions and a diagram.

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Trimming Headpiece with Guitar Template

Classical Guitar Templates

The template set includes templates for the plantilla, headpiece, fingerboard, bridge patch, and a 2 1/2" piece of brass dowel for registration pins. Both the headpiece and fingerboard templates are 1/4" thick and may also serve as router guides to actually cut the parts. The plantilla, fingerboard and bridge patch templates have 1/8" registration holes to facilitate easy alignment. The headpiece, plantilla, and fingerboard templates also have a scribed center line center line which also can be used for both alignment and finding the right graphics in the wood. The templates are made of clear acrylic. The ability to see through these templates is very beneficial when selecting graphics for a top, back, or a headpiece veneer. Using these guitar templates will permit you to get exactly the look you desire in your wood grain, create accurate parts, and make assembly easy. Templates come with instructions.

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Laminating Guitar Linings

Classical Guitar Molds

The classical guitar molds are used to laminate the guitar sides and linings, to install the linings, and to create a sheet of purfling material. These molds are difficult to create accurately by hand since the parts made have compound curves and must fit together. In order for the fit to be acceptable the curves must be offset by a set amount equally parallel all along the face of the curve. If not, a shape mismatch will prevent the parts from fitting together without the use of force which will ultimately place the guitar sides in stress. These molds were created on a CNC machine for precision accuracy. The linings fit the sides very well eliminating any stress in the assembly. The classical guitar mold kit now includes a caul kit that has all the material you need to create the side mold caul and the caul necessary to install the linings. The side mold caul contains 4 sheets of masonite thinned down to .090" that are available straight or pre-bent. Molds and cauls come with instructions.

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