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After "Classical Guitar Making" was released I became aware that some readers did not have the heavy equipment necessary to re-saw and accurately thickness wood to make the thin stock for laminates. Most were also having trouble finding the necessary sizes commercially in quantities for just one or two guitars. And in the case of linings, the thickness necessary are simply not available anywhere, you have to cut it yourself. At J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars we re-saw most of the laminate wood in the shop and purchases the rest in large quantities. We have made this wood available in small quantities to make it possible for people to make their guitars as demonstrated in the book and dvd. All guitar wood offered here is the finest quality available.

Complete Classical Guitar Wood Kits Now Available

Now you can purchase all the wood you need with one click. J.S. Bogdanovich has partnered with Allied Lutherie to supply backs and sides as well as everything else you need to create either the guitar in the book, or dvd, right down to the fret wire. Save time and money scrounging up material to build your guitar. Wood kits have been added that include all the hard to find wood for all the details. More information on these kits below.

Complete Classical Guitar Wood Kit

J.S. Bogdanovich guitars has partnered with Allied Lutherie to provide a one click solution for purchasing all the wood needed to build either the guitar in the book, or the guitar in the dvd. Now you can get backs, sides and top, neck, bridge blank, fingerboard, fret wire, bone for nut, saddle, and tie block, as well as all the laminations for sides and linings, decorative veneer, rosette kit, back braces, cross grain back center patch, bindings and back strip.

An elegant color scheme has been chosen for the details that will work with either a spruce or cedar top. The color scheme is different from both the book and the dvd but I am certain you will find this an even better solution. Jatoba has been selected for the bindings and back strip because of its honey brown color. This color goes well with either spruce or cedar making things easy.

The rosette kit contains all the material needed to create a rosette like the one in the book or dvd. Although the color of the components may be different, the wheat and herringbone are created the same way and once again the colors will work with either spruce or cedar. Suggested patterns are given in the instructions

There are a couple of options for servicing of your kit. You can have your fingerboard slotted and/or have your sides thicknessed to .070 for laminating.

Complete Classical Guitar Wood Kit

Classical Guitar Details Wood Kit

If you have already purchased wood for your back and sides, top, neck and fingerboard, or are using your own wood but are having trouble finding the other components to complete the guitar this kit is for you. The kit includes side and lining laminations, jatoba bindings and back strip, a sheet of ebonized pear, Alaskan yellow cedar and mahogany decorative veneer for all the details (purflings and rosette), as well as mahogany for back braces, a cross grained back enter patch and material for creating a Bogdanovich style rosette which includes choice of either .3mm or .6mm wheat stack and maple burl center ring veneer.

Now get all this hard to find wood together for a savings. There is an option for side laminations, Alaskan yellow cedar for spruce top guitars, and pear wood for cedar.

Classical Guitar Details Wood Kit

Classical Guitar Rosette Kit

The classical guitar rosette kit contains all the material you need to create a Bogdanovich style rosette. The color scheme chosen differs slightly from the book and dvd but can be used with either spruce or cedar top guitars. The kit gives you a choice of wheat stack with precut and thicknessed veneer strips of .3mm and .6mm Alaskan yellow cedar and .5mm mahogany which enable you to create a rosette with .3mm 12 degree wheat like that in the book, or .6mm 30 degree wheat like that in the dvd. The wheat stack should yield enough motif for a few guitars.

The kit also includes enough Alaskan yellow cedar, mahogany, and ebonized pear veneer for stripping as well as a 5.5 inch square of .6mm maple burl veneer with mahogany veneer already glued to the back face to give a total thickness of .055 inches. Instructions for creating and installing center ring of this type can be found in the video download on creating the rosette.

Classical Guitar Rosette Kit

Guitar Side Laminations

The guitar side laminations are available in two different species of wood. Alaskan yellow cedar used on spruce top and maple guitars, and pear wood used on cedar. Cypress has been discontinued. The combinations of these woods with the applicable top wood as described here are how they are used on J.S. Bogdanovich guitars, you are welcome to use any combination that suits you. The guitar side laminations are .6mm thick veneer. Two veneers are used on each side, therefore a set consists of 4 pieces total. All veneer is the finest quality wood.

Alaskan yellow cedar is becoming increasingly harder to get. Sadly, soon this wood will no longer be available. We are already in the process of finding a plentiful substitute.

Guitar Side Laminations

Guitar Side and Lining Laminations

Only the highest quality mahogany (pictured above right) is used in our lining laminations. Wood at this thickness will be difficult, if not impossible to find anywhere these days. The only way to get these laminations would be to mill them yourself from a larger piece of wood. This is wasteful at best and impossible if you don't have the equipment to do it. These guitar lining laminations are available in limited quantities (no more than two sets per order). Four bundles of lining laminations comprise a set, enough for one instrument. Each bundle consists of four pieces of ~.042" thick mahogany 5/8" wide. This width is identical to that of the classical guitar lining mold which is also available on the site, making the lamination process a breeze. This is excellent wood for laminating. If executed properly no glue lines will be visible and it will look like a solid piece of wood.

Guitar Lining Laminations

Decorative Veneer

Without a doubt ebonized pear wood veneer is the best choice for purflings, headpiece veneer, parts of the rosette, or any part of the guitar where black veneer is needed for decoration. Not only does this veneer provide a rich jet black color when finished but pear wood planes in any direction leaving a smooth unblemished surface. This is a real advantage when trimming purflings and bindings, or the rosette.

Typically dyed poplar is sold for this purpose but this wood is stringy and tears easily when cut leaving voids where dust and debris can settle unnoticed until a finish is applied. The dust and debris shows up under the finish as white specs. Although this is certainly not a game breaker, this is the last thing you would like to see in your finished instrument after taking the time and care to create it.

Ebonized pear wood shows up darker than dyed poplar, and most other dyed woods, which makes it appear jet black, giving it a very rich looking appearance. This wood is an optimal choice for veneer used for decorative purposes making it an ideal guitar wood. This veneer is virtually impossible to get in small quantities. We purchase this veneer in large batches, referred to as bundles in the veneer business, so we always have some available.

Alaskan yellow cedar is a very pleasant natural yellow color and the wood has a very smooth texture making it ideal for the details on the guitar. Veneer that is dyed yellow tend to have an unnatural neon color which is a bit off putting. This woods color deepens nicely with age.

Mahogany veneer is a great compliment to the Alaskan yellow cedar. The warm honey brown color will make for a rich looking scheme. It is a bit porous so care must be taken to fill these pores before finishing to avoid those nasty dust pockets. It is my favorite brown veneer for all my details.

Ebonized Pear Wood Veneer for Guitar Making

Headpiece Veneers

The headpiece veneers are available in Alaskan yellow cedar, pear wood and ebonized pear wood. On Bogdanovich guitars ebonized pear wood is used on all headpieces, Alaskan yellow cedar is used on spruce or cedar top guitars and pear wood is used on cedar only. Again, these are merely suggestions feel free to use these veneers in a way that suits you.

The headpiece veneers are 8" x 3 1/2". If you are purchasing veneer in small amounts say for one or two guitars cutting the headpiece veneers out of a larger sheet may leave the remainder of the sheet too short for use as purflings which can be wasteful. So that you can preserve the length of the full sheet of veneer for other uses, we have made these guitar headpiece veneers available. These veneers are inexpensive and can save you from buying another full sheet of veneer.

Ebonized Pear Wood Veneer for Guitar Making

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