Fret Leveling Kit in Action

BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kits now Avaliable for Electric Guitars and Ukuleles!

A fret leveling kit designed for electric guitars with up to 24 frets has been added as well as a kit specifically for ukuleles. These kits inclide the correct size steel dowel pins for fret leveling on these instruments. Check out the new kits here.

Eliminate Fret Buzz caused by High Frets

Got fret buzz? Is it caused by some frets being too high? We've got the fret buzzing fix! Do it yourself and stop the string buzzing, with our quick and easy BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit. No more buzzing frets.

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BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Video Demonstration

Watch the BUZZ-OFF® fret leveling kit in action. Leveling frets is easy with this kit. The fret leveling kit was developed to quickly level and dress frets during the guitar making process. Traditional fret files are expensive, make deep scratches that are not easy to remove, and therefore create more work. Fret material is removed slowly and smoothly with the sandpaper and sanding block making it difficult to remove too much material. The BUZZ-OFF® fret leveling kit is inexpensive, easy to use, and includes everything you need to eliminate fret buzz caused by high frets and optimize your guitar's set up. Anyone can level frets with this kit regardless of skill level.

Watch the video below for a fret leveling kit demonstration.

BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit in Action

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A Fret Leveling Kit Customer Experience

..."I used your fret leveling kit yesterday on my new Gretsch Electromatic G5120. I had an annoying fret buzz and had found that the 7th fret ... after viewing your You Tube video, I understood the logic of spanning only three frets at a time and using the longer dowel rod at the top and the shorter one further down the neck. Using your tools, I found four different frets that needed leveling... so I followed the directions from the video and had absolutely no problem leveling and polishing my frets to perfection. After reassembling my guitar, I was able to adjust the action to the lowest I have ever seen and still have no fret buzz at all. The playability of my guitar is just fantastic! I just can't seem to put this guitar down. What a huge difference this work on the frets has made.

I wanted to let you know that I think the kit you are selling is great. I'm a diehard do-it-your-selfer, but the thought of taking a file to my frets was scary. And filing down the high fret would only be part of the work needed - I'd still have to reshape the radius on the top of the fret and polish it. Once I saw your You Tube video, I thought this is the way to go. The price is extremely affordable, the service was outstanding with very quick delivery, and the ease of use is unbeatable. Your choice of papers is perfect - just aggressive enough with the coarse paper to work quickly, but with little chance of overdoing it. Then the fine paper smooths the fret and the steel wool polished my frets so well that you would never know I had worked on them.

Thanks for offering such a great kit at a price that is so much lower than the tools offer by the "usuals". And theirs look so much harder to use. You certainly have one very satisfied customer here.

-Mark Castelletti, Willougby, OH

Another Satisfied Customer Experience

..."just wanted to let you know that I purchased your fret leveling kit and I must say it is very nice... this kit will make fret-leveling a whole lot easier and more efficient. Thanks for the excellent tool and for being inexpensive!!"

-Kevin Jones, Kingsport, TN

How to Modify the Sanding Block for any Fret Wire

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BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit Sanding Block Easily Modified for Fret Size

The above video demonstrates how easy it is to modify the hardwood sanding block in the Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit to fit your fret wire. Just place the 200 grit sandpaper rough side up on you fingerboard covering the fret. Rub the block over the fret with the sandpaper over it until the concave groove on the block matches your fret wire. If the depth of the groove on the bottom of the sanding block becomes too deep just sand off some material from the bottom edge of the block until you can sand the fret without touching the fingerboard surface and you are ready to go!

Fret Leveling to Remove Fret Buzz

Fret buzz is a problem for guitarists. Everyone would agree that guitar fret buzz is most annoying. This condition can have many causes but the most common is a high fret. A fret need only be a couple of thousandths of an inch high to cause a buzz in an otherwise properly set up instrument. Now anyone even guitar players can fix fret buzz. The BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kit was originally conceived to be used on new guitars where the necks were already flat to crown and set the fret tops all in the same plane for optimal set up. If your neck is twisted or warped in any way this kit will not be the answer to your problems, as a more involved repair is in order. But if the problem is one or more of your frets are higher than they should be, this kit will find, level, and dress any high frets in no time, a simple fret buzz fix.

Fret Leveling Kit Contents

The BUZZ-OFF® fret leveling kit is popular with guitar players as well as guitar makers. Its easy to use and everything is included, you don't have to be a guitar maker or a repair person to get the job done, anyone can do it. The kit includes a 3" and 2" steel dowel with a flatness tolerance of .001" to check frets for high spots, a hardwood sanding block shaped to properly crown frets, a piece of 220 and 400 grit sandpaper, some #0000 steel wool and instructions.