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Guitar Making Kits

The guitar making kits were put together to give everyone the ability to purchase all the products you need in one product and enjoy a discount! Since this is a small operation here all the guitar building kits are put together on demand. Components like the solera kit, molds kit, and tuner drilling jigs are made when the order is received. So when ordering a master kit it will probably take 2 or three business days to ship.

In order to supply everything you need and save you money on shipping I have partnered with Allied Lutherie to supply complete classical guitar wood kits. See below.

Guitar Building Kits

Master and Premium Guitar Making Kits

Guitar Building Kits - Introductory Master Guitar Making Kit
The guitar making kits were put together so customers can get everything they need at a savings. The kits come in two flavors, master kits and premium kits. The master kits contain everything you need and the premium kits contain just the essential ingredients. The main difference is the master kits come with the solera kit, the premium kits do not.

Introductory Level Kits

The guitar in the book can be considered an introductory level guitar making project. This guitar is geared toward first time guitar builder. This does not mean its an easy project or a lesser guitar. It simply means the the guitar design and the techniques used to construct the guitar are geared toward someone little guitar building experience, and a minimally equipped shop. Introductory level master and premium kits are available.

Advanced Level Kits

The guitar in the DVD can be considered an advanced level guitar making project. This guitar is design is a bit more challenging to execute and  power tool techniques are demonstrated in the DVD for some of the tasks. This project is for those with some woodworking or guitar building experience and a little more than a minimally equipped shop. Advanced level master and premium kits are available.

The advanced master kit includes the fret lotting kit. This kit will enable you to slot your fingerboards on a table saw.

All products in both kits are the same and can be used on both the guitar in the book or the dvd.

The Solera Kit

Guitar Building Kits - Classical Guitar Solera Kit
Without a good solera, you cannot build a good guitar. Care must be taken to build the solera accurately. Once built, the solera has to be stable or all your hard work is for naught.

For stability the solera is a honeycombed(making it lighter for shipping) piece of MDF sandwiched between two sheets of 3-3.5mm thick hardwood veneer.The veneer is thick enough to plane your neck ramp in without cutting into the MDF. MDF has a tendency to warp if the outer surface has been cut through.

The solera kit comes partially assembled. The kit includes a pre-drilled set of rims, basswood patches for the upper and lower bout, all the hardware necessary and the solera itself.

The solera will still be as accurate as it was when you shaped it for years to come. I have been using mine for over 10 years now.

Rims are also available separately.

Classical Guitar Wood Kits

Guitar Building Kits - complete classical guitar wood kitI have partnered with Allied Lutherie to provide a complete classical guitar wood kit which includes all the wood necessary to build a guitar using my methods. I have been buying my wood at Allied Lutherie for almost 20 years. They deliver quality guitar wood. These wood kits make it possible for you to get everything you need for your guitar building project including all the wood in one place. This will save you time and money on shipping.

The classical guitar wood details kit is supplied by J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars and includes all the wood that is particular to my guitar building methods. The wood and colors have been chosen to work with either spruce or cedar top guitars. All components of the classical guitar wood details kit are also available separately.