Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

Guitar Making 10-DVD box Set

The 10-DVD series documents the entire process of building a concert classical guitar from beginning to end leaving no stone unturned. From picking out the wood, to stringing it up and playing it, the entire process of crafting a true concert quality classical guitar is demonstrated with expert instruction on building techniques, tools and materials along the way. Featuring over 14 hours of detailed instruction on making a highly sought after concert classical guitar, this video series is a first rate production of unparalleled quality.

" He describes what he's focusing on, how he's dealing with the little variations he discovers as he's working the wood, and how he's solving unavoidable problems that arise. Its invaluable to hear and watch someone with John's skill do the work"

Tom Harper, American Lutierie Magazine, DVD Reivew

The 10 DVD's document the entire process of making your own guitar in amazing visual clarity with expert instruction every step of the way. Shot with two cameras by a highly skilled professional crew the video gives an over the shoulder perspective of the entire guitar building process, capturing every last detail. This guitar building DVD series should provide all the confidence and information you'll need to realize your dream of making your own guitar. So get the best seat in the house and see how you can build your own concert classical guitar.

Downloadable Guitar Making DVD Booklet Updated

The free booklet that accompanies the Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set has been updated. The update includes a new section on how to access the drawings on disc 10, new pdf with table of contents and links, and photos from the video. Download free accompanying booklet for guitar making DVD box set here...

Watch a Preview of the Classical Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set

Guitar Making DVD

Watch additional guitar making video excerpts here...

Article In American Lutherie on the Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set

Check out the article in the Spring 2013 issue 113 of American Lutherie written by Tom Harper on the guitar making video by John S. Bogdanovich. Tom uses the 10-DVD Box Set - Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich to build a guitar from start to finish. He uses the guitar design and all the recommended techniques to make the guitar and ends up with a really nice instrument. The article is well written and is a good indication of what you can expect building this guitar. There are tons of photos showing various stages of the process.

In order to get this magazine you must be a member of The Guild of American Luthiers, or GAL. Sadly they don't have articles on their website but you can join the GAL and receive your copy here.

Guitar Making DVD Set Receives Video Awards

Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich has been recognized at the 17th Communicator Awards of 2011. The 10 DVD box set was recognized twice, receiving a silver award of distinction in the categories of instructional video and craft. Read more about guitar making dvd award...

Classical Guitar Making DVD Available as Download

The entire content of the classical guitar making 10-DVD box set is now available as a digital download. The 10-DVD guitar making video has been divided into 12 sequences which can be downloaded individually and download sequences as you go - work at your own pace, or for a savings, purchased all 12 sequences togther for $199.99. The complete set of drawings for the guitar and most jigs and fixtures used in the DVD are inclluded in sequence 12. More information about the classical guitar making video downloads...

Guitar Making DVD Features

Drawings Included as PDFs:

  • Full sized Guitar drawings
  • Top acetate
  • Back acetate
  • Solera with rims
  • Side Slot Cutting Jig
  • Purfling Cutter Revised
  • Inside Heel Cutting Sled
  • Shooting Boards
  • Bench hook
  • Wheat Gluing Fixture I & II
  • 30 Degree Wheat Cutting Jig
  • Bridge Locator

The guitar making 10-dvd box set includes complete set of full scale color drawings and acetates (used for layout of the top and back) in PDF format for the guitar, as well as most of the fixtures and jigs used throughout the video are included on disc 10. Just have them printed and you can bring them right into the shop with you when you work.

Drawings included on disc 10 (as PDFs) are designs owned by J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars and are listed at right. References for purchase of jigs or fixtures used that are not the property of J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars are given where applicable throughout the video.

Accesss to Drawings on DIsc 10

To access the drawings put the disc in your computer. Click on the disc icon when it appears on your desktop and drag the drawings folder to your desktop. The drawing files, as well as printing instructions, are contained in this folder. The drawings can be printed and/or viewed on your desktop with Adobe Acrobat Reader which comes installed on your computer.

The video format is NTSC wide screen for all regions. In the future if HD technology becomes affordable to produce on this scale an HD version will be released. Purchase the 10-DVD Box Set "Making a Concert Classical Guitar"

Special Segment

Stanely Yates Playing Bogdanovich Guitar

Upon completion of the guitar there is a special appearance by international performer and recording artist Stanley Yates. Prior to his performance in the studio there is an interview with Mr. Yates in which he assesses the guitar from a players perspective highlighting the different aspects of a concert instrument performers look for. It is real treat as Stanley demonstrates things like response, sustain, separation and harmonics on the guitar built in the video. The next day we were off to a recording session at Echo Mountain Studios where Stanley was recording some music for an online project. We were able to videotape a few pieces from that session. Footage of this recording session which was preformed on the guitar built in this DVD series appears on disc 10.

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