Brazilian rosewood classical guitar

BUZZ-OFF® Fret Leveling Kits now Avaliable for Electric Guitars and Ukuleles!

A fret leveling kit designed for electric guitars with up to 24 frets has been added as well as a kit specifically for ukuleles. These kits include the correct size steel dowel pins for fret leveling, sanding block, 220 and 400 grit sandpaper, and steel wool, everything you need to level, crown and polish your frets. Get rid of fret buzz today! Check out the new kits here.

Learn to Make your own Classical Guitar

In addition to making fine concert classical guitars John Bogdanovich is the author of the well known book "Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design" and has produced an award winning classical guitar making 10-DVD video series.

"I found Bogdanovich's building method to be an enjoyable opportunity to learn some new things. It also provides exposure to a diverse set of woodworking skills while watching someone proficiently executing those skills. A lot of general woodworking can be learned buy following this project."

Tom Harper, American Lutierie Magazine, DVD Review

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars also carries a full line of guitar building products including guitar making kits, plans, templates, molds and tools to help you build your own high quality classical guitar. Get started on the path to making a great sounding instrument today! Learn to build a true concert quality classical guitar. Be sure to check out the new section showcasing guitars made by students and customers. These guys have really done a great job!

Guitar Building Featured Products

10-DVD Box Set

Guitar Making and Book Set

Get the classical guitar making 10-dvd box set. Widely considered the best instructional video available. Purchase now...

Guitar Making Master & Premium Kits

Guitar Making Master and Premium Kits

All you need to get started building your own guitar with the book or dvd. Get more details on guitar making kits..

Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit

Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit

A quick and easy way to remove unwanted fret buzz caused by high frets on any type of guitar. Watch video demo..

Be sure to check out the other guitar making products. There are a number of guitar making kits, templates, molds, tools and wood for making guitars. We also carry some plane making kits that are easy to build and will no doubt improve your guitar building efforts.

International First Class Added - New Domestic Shipping Rates - Better Rates for UPS and USPS

International first class shipping rates have been added to most countries for items up to 2 pounds (4 pounds in Canada). These rates are more reasonable for lighter items.

We were finally able to crack the magic shipping level to get better domestic rates. Shipping rates for domestic orders will be significantly lower with the new rate schedule. This has been possible because the number of orders every month has increased to a level to make this possible so I have passed the savings along to my customers. So thank you all for making this possible.

New Products - Guitar Making Kits - Reorganized & Expanded

The classical guitar making kits have been expanded to include some new products making them more complete. They have also been reorganized to make it easier for customers to choose which kit fits them best. The kits have been divided into introductory and advanced master and premium kits. The additional products added will prevent customers from having to come back and order necessary items for their guitar projects. This will save lots of shipping dollars. All kits have also been discounted for savings. Get more info on the new kits here...

glue roller and squeeze bottle

New Products - Glue Squeeze Bottle and Roller

The same squeeze bottle and glue roller used in both the classical guitar making book and 10-DVD box set are now available on the website. These items are indispensable in any luthier's shop and can be used on any woodworking project. The roller is great for applying glue to laminates and other large glue surfaces. Easily control the amount of glue applied with this great shop aids. Glue bottle comes with a rubber cap to prevent glue from drying inside the bottle. These items have also been added to all the guitar making kits. Purchase squeeze bottle and roller here...

New Products - Fingerboard Slotting Template & Slotted Fingerboards

A fingerboard slotting template has been added to allow customers to slot their fingerboards using either the compensated fret positioning, as in the book and dvd, or the standard rule of 18. The template is designed for use with the popular power or manual slotting system available at luthier supply companies. The slots are 3/32 inches wide. Get more information about the fingerboard slotting template.

If you are not up to slotting your own fingerboards, no worries, you can know get slotted boards in the store. The boards can be slotted to the compensated fret spacing as in the book and DVD, or the standard rule of 18.

Guitar Wood Kits and Maple Burl Veneer for Rosettes Added

In partnership with Allied Lutherie, J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars is now offering the complete wood package including guitar back and sides, as well as everything else you need to make your guitar right down to the fret wire. Check out the classical guitar wood kits. There are also rosette kits and a classical guitar wood detail kit that contains all the hard to find wood necessary to make the quality guitar in book and dvd. The rosette kit includes a maple burl laminated veneer for the center ring and enough material for wheat and herringbone for a few guitars. Maple burl laminated veneers are also sold separately.

Another Article In American Lutherie on the Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set

Check out the article in the Spring 2013 issue 113 of American Lutherie written by Tom Harper on the guitar making video by John S. Bogdanovich. Tom builds a guitar using the 10-DVD Box Set - Making a Concert Classical Guitar with John S. Bogdanovich. The article is well written and is a good indication of what you can expect building this guitar. There are tons of photos showing the various stages of the process.

In order to get this magazine you must be a member of The Guild of American Luthiers, or GAL. Sadly they don't have articles on their website but you can join the GAL and get a copy here.

Classical Guitar Making 10-DVD BOx Set

Guitar Making 10-DVD Box Set Gets Rave Reviews!

This video series has received rave reviews from customers and trade publications everywhere. Read the customer reviews for the guitar making DVD box set. Everyone agrees, this is simply the best guitar building instructional video available. Both the visual quality and instructional content cannot be beat. Click here more info and see a preview of the Guitar Making DVD. The first video of its kind on classical guitar making, this video series was first released in 2010 and is sure to be a valuable asset to anyone interested in guitar building. Learn the craft from a master artisan.

Purchase Guitar Making 10-DVDbox set now!

Classical Guitar Making DVD Also Available as Download

The entire content of the classical guitar making 10-DVD box set has been divided into 12 sequences and are available as a digital download. The sequences can be purchased individually, or purchase all 12 at once for a savings. Learn to build a concert classical guitar watching quality video right on your computer. Download sequences as your guitar building project progresses- work at your own pace. More information about the classical guitar making video downloads...

Plane Making for Guitar Building DVD

Plane Making Video - Make Wooden Hand Planes used in Guitar Making

Now you can make your own guitar and work boards with planes that you have made yourself. J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars has released a plane making DVD. This one disc video demonstrates the construction of a curved bottom plane known as a compass plane and the most commonly used plane in the shop - a bench plane. Both these planes can be used in guitar making.

The compass plane is used in guitar making to create the dished surfaces of the work boards used to make a guitar. Both the back work board and the classical guitar solera have dished surfaces. The compass plane will make dishing these easy. The bench plane is used for many aspects of guitar making such as joinery, thicknessing, and surface preparation.

Watch a preview of hand plane making DVD...

Heartbleed Patch Installed on this Server - Your Data is Safe

A patch has been installed on the J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars web server that fixes the OpenSSL vulnerability for the Heartbleed Bug. The J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars web site is on a private server, not a shared hosting environment, therefore your data is safe from this bug on this site.

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