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J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars is the only place where you can commission a highly sought after custom guitar, learn how to build a guitar yourself, and find all the guitar building kits and supplies you’ll need to do it.

John is committed to teaching guitar building. Benefit from his  over 40 years experience in the craft. There are classes, free online instructional content and a subscriber service to help expand your knowledge, develop your skills and build a better guitar.

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“Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”

Classical Guitar Making Book by John BogdanovichJohn S. Bogdanovich is the author of “Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to a Traditional Design”. This book is a complete guide to making a high quality classical guitar. Over 600 photos and illustrations clearly explain the entire guitar building process in great detail with the first time guitar builder in mind.

This book is an example of passion with the guitar. It’s well written, beautifully photographed covering all steps of classical guitar construction that follows a high grade standard.  I have bought a lot of books about lutherie, but this is one is far the best. It makes evident in every detail how Mr Bogdanovich loves what he does.

– Ricardo Silva – São Paulo, Brazil

If you have never made a guitar, and would like to try – consider using this book as a guide. This book has gotten rave reviews in guitar building been widely accepted as a must have guitar building reference. The book is available for purchase here.


Maple Classical Guitar Back , Sides and Heel

Impeccably handcrafted guitars highly sought after by musicians worldwide. See and hear for yourself. Check out the classical guitars.


A full line of Guitar building supplies that will enable you to build a guitar right along with book and DVD box set using John’s methods.

John giving lecture

Instructional  content, videos, tool tips, drawings and a  forum where members can get answers to questions.  Membership is free!

Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit  – Sold Exclusively Here!

Buzz-Off® Fret Leveling Kit – Sold Exclusively Here!

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